Monday Movies #5

Do you like movies?! Do you like so called “cult classics” and massive movie hits?! Do you see your friends switch off when you begin to go on and on about a film that you know they’ve not seen but you can’t help it, its like word vomit?! Well my friend this is the series for you!

In this series I indulge in my favourite pastime; watching films and then annoying people with my opinions on them. Some odd, some wonderful, some downright bad, all watched over the course of one week and then reviewed for your pleasure. Sit back, relax, and potentially find your new favourite flick.

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Five Fun Things To Do in Co. Wicklow

I recently went on a day of adventure with my friend Amira around my home county of Wicklow, and in trying to find things to do around here I discovered that Wicklow isn’t as boring as I’d always though. So I thought I’d whip up a little blog post to go with my adventure video about five fun things to do in Co. Wicklow. Enjoy!

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My Favourites: March

Okay I know I say this every month but wasn’t Christmas like yesterday? How is it nearly April?? Like the clocks have gone forward and everything now?? Anyway, here are a few things I’ve been enjoying this month, if you want an even shorter list you can check out my YouTube video, if you’re coming from that direction welcome and enjoy! Continue reading

My Red Lipstick Collection

Hello all! I thought today we could have a look at my red lipstick collection, though I’ve thrown in my balms and glosses too just so they don’t feel left out! If you want to see what the collection looks like on my lips you can head over here to my YouTube channel. All prices shown below are correct as of March 2017, and most come from just in case you want to get your hands on some of this stuff! Continue reading

Washing My Hair Once A Week

Yes, even with my waist length hair I only wash it once a week. This is actually a pretty popular trend and I’ve seen it a bunch of times on YouTube. What attracted me to the idea of only washing my hair once a week was the idea that if you let the natural oils build up in your roots it can help get rid of dandruff. I suffer pretty badly with dandruff so the idea of this intruigued me…also I’m lazy and have a lot of hair so washing it often is a pain. Continue reading

Beauty Crackers Review

Merry Twixtmas everyone! (You can thank Susie Dent for teaching me that one)

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the death of 2016 as much as I am. I was a very lucky girl this year and was gifted not one but two beauty Christmas cracker sets and I thought I’d do a review in case anyone was thinking of nabbing one in the sales.

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The Whole Glam Lot Review

I need to stop randomly purchasing stuff online for myself in the lead up to Christmas. But one can never have too many soap and glory products am I right? And this was a great deal online – it was 40 euros but it should have been 80 and the products are all full size. An absolute steal! Somebody please validate this awful spending… Continue reading