My Red Lipstick Collection

Hello all! I thought today we could have a look at my red lipstick collection, though I’ve thrown in my balms and glosses too just so they don’t feel left out! If you want to see what the collection looks like on my lips you can head over here to my YouTube channel. All prices shown below are correct as of March 2017, and most come from just in case you want to get your hands on some of this stuff! Continue reading


My Favourites: February

It’s hard to believe it’s already coming to the end of February, Christmas seems like it was only yesterday! But here we are, my favourite month of the year to make a favourites video/post because I do love a bit of alliteration. If you want the whistle stop tour of my favourites this month you can do that over here on my YouTube channel. If you’re coming from over that way, welcome! Lets begin;

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My Favourites: January

Okay I know it’s only been two weeks since my December Favourites post but January is always a strange month in terms of scheduling. I apologise if this is giving you favourites fatigue but I promise it’ll be a whole month (more or less) before you get another one of these posts! Oh also if you don’t want to read all of my favourites you can watch the highlight reel here on YouTube! Lets begin with beauty shall we? Continue reading

My Favourites: December

Am I turning into a basic white girl blogger? I must be because here’s the highlight reel on YouTube! Follow your dreams kids, even if they make you average as heck.
Getting into my stuff, which is what you’re all heire for really, surprisingly for me they’re in no particular order. Because it’s almost midnight as I type this and I’m feeling craaaaazaaay. Christmas really buggered up my sleep schedule guys.
Lets start off with the strangest thing I have on this list; toothpaste. Continue reading

The Whole Glam Lot Review

I need to stop randomly purchasing stuff online for myself in the lead up to Christmas. But one can never have too many soap and glory products am I right? And this was a great deal online – it was 40 euros but it should have been 80 and the products are all full size. An absolute steal! Somebody please validate this awful spending… Continue reading

Ted Baker Lipstick First Impression

Merry Christmas to me!…and you, also you.

Okay so here’s what happened; I was in Boots innocently looking for Christmas gifts when I noticed that they had a three for two offer on gift sets. As I was browsing I came across the most beautiful Ted Baker lipstick set in the whole world. It was 26.00 euros. I was buying two other gift sets. I bought the lipsticks. I have no regrets…

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