My Monthly Moments: August

Welcome to this months instalment of the My Monthly Moments series! If this is your first time here this is a year long project where I take a picture every day and post them here monthly. If you’d like to go back to the very beginning and see it all from the start you can go to January. Last month’s is here. And if you’d like to see these photos in slideshow format with a little theme tune you can do that on my YouTube channel here.

Honestly August was a shitshow in terms of this project. I went to London early in the month and after that I kind of gave up for a while. So most of these pictures were not taken on the day I say they were but hey, I still have 31 photographs to show you at least. Hopefully next month I’ll feel more inspired and stick to actually photographing stuff every day. But anyway; pretty pictures.

Thanks for reading and viewing I guess,

Until Next Time,

Emily Jayne xo

August 1st

August 2nd

August 3rd

August 4th

August 5th

August 6th

August 7th

August 8th

August 9th

August 10th

August 11th

August 12th

August 13th

August 14th

August 15th

August 16th

August 17th

August 18th

August 19th

August 20th

August 21st

August 22nd

August 23rd

August 24th

August 25th

August 26th

August 27th

August 28th

August 29th

August 30th

August 31st


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