Monday Movies #6

Do you like movies?! Do you like so called “cult classics” and massive movie hits?! Do you see your friends switch off when you begin to go on and on about a film that you know they’ve not seen but you can’t help it, its like word vomit?! Well my friend this is the series for you!

In this series I indulge in my favourite pastime; watching films and then annoying people with my opinions on them. Some odd, some wonderful, some downright bad, all watched over the course of one week and then reviewed for your pleasure. Sit back, relax, and potentially find your new favourite flick.

Hey! Sorry for the leave of absence last week but I genuinely didn’t watch anything as I was off on my holidays to London. Yes it was amazing, I met Hazel Hayes and she was an absolute sweetheart and I want to go back yesterday. And this week I’ve been watching a lot of youtube so only two little movies for you this week! I’ll try to get back to normal next week…whatever that is!

FILM : Anthropoid.
RELEASE DATE : 12th August 2016
WATCHED : Digital Download
RATING : 5/7 Days
SYNOPSIS : This film follows the attempts of the Czechoslovakian resistance to assassinate a high ranking general during world war two.

This is a bleak film; it’s based on real events occurring in Prague during the second world war and it is in no way fun, so sorry if this review is slightly less quippy than usual. I’m going to talk a lot about the things I loved about this film, but as always lets begin with the negatives.

The romances in this film were so unnecessary. Okay the love story between Jan and Marie was fine; they’re both young idealists who find some strength in one another. I saw that one coming a mile off and was totally okay about it they’re a fine paint by numbers romance. But the romance between Josef and Lenka? That makes no sense at all. Oh they both hate war and lost people to the Nazi regime; that is not the basis of a romance its totally unnecessary. Granted it makes for a really poignant ending with Josef but I think it would have been even better if Jan had been the one standing underneath the water calling to Josef. But maybe that’s my inner shipper? I’m not sure. I think my major problem, as with most unnecessary romances, is that the women are always very two dimensional with no real character development. I don’t care about them or whether they live or die, I’d rather they be left out entirely than underdeveloped. But maybe that’s a personal problem.

Moving along to the things I liked about this film; the light and colour used in this film is beautiful. It’s shot as close to sepia as humanly possible without draining every piece of colour from the screen. It gives a bleak mood which is perfect for a war film. From the first shot you can feel the fear and oppression of the characters just from the lack of colour on the screen, its so perfectly executed and I would like to shake the hand of whomever made that choice because it really makes the film.

The plot of this film is obviously very heavy, and you can research project anthropoid and spoil the ending for yourself if you like but suffice to say this film does not have the happiest of endings. I felt so much for Jan and Josef and they were wonderfully portrayed by Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy. The relationship between these two men is the absolute backbone of this film and they work perfectly as a team. I tip my hat to both of these men because it could not have been easy to portray such a heavy subject, and both of them gave incredibly truthful performances. I hadn’t really been paying attention to either of them before now but I’m sitting up straight now, they’re really wonderful actors.

TL;DR It’s a war film based on real circumstances, it’s gonna make you feel things, good luck.

FILM : Nerve
RELEASE DATE : 27th July 2016
WATCHED : Digital Download
RATING : 3/7 Days
SYNOPSIS : A young woman signs up for an online game of dare but finds that the dares are a lot more than she bargained for. This sounds far more like a horror film than it is, unfortunately.

So it wasn’t bad….but it was a teen romance wrapped in an adult action film. So the feel of the movie was all over the place. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time watching this film; it made me smile, but it’s a very hard film to describe. It wouldn’t surprise me if this film was based on a graphic novel of the same name which readers claim is way better, hang on let me google some stuff. Yep not a graphic novel just a regular one, which I would like to read because the wiki makes it sound much more battle royal than the film.

Jesus H. Christ I do not want to shit on this film! It was a good time, 13 year old me would have loved it. I mean it’s got Emma Roberts and James Franco in it; 13 year old me loved Emma Roberts (anyone else remember wild child?) and James Franco is a good looking young man I’m here for it. It just a kind of forgettable film; girl isn’t as cool as her best friend so does something reckless. Girl meets boy and boy encourages her to be more reckless. Everything goes tits up. Everything is saved at the last minute. It’s fine its just every teen romance ever.

I do think the concept behind this film is interesting though, and if it had been an 18 rating horror film I would have been all over it. The idea of people signing up to do dares to get internet famous, I mean it’s a pretty hot and ongoing topic. It just could have done without the romance and with more violence in my opinion. But maybe that’s a personal problem.

TL;DR Interesting concept, good acting and cinematography, just be prepared for a teen romance.

That’s all for this week! If you have a film you think I’d enjoy or you’d like me to review please leave it in the comments below, and let me know if you watched any mind blowing movies this week too! Have a good one folks!

Until Next Time,

Emily Jayne xo


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