Packing for Dublin

I am lucky enough to be going on a five day long staycation to Dublin next week and so I thought I would share with you all the clothes I’m bringing with me! As an Irishwoman I’m well versed in the oddities of the Irish weather so I know I have to at least try to be sensible, but I still want to be stylish! Oh and if you want to see absolutely everything I’m bringing with me you can find that on my YouTube channel here.

So the key to Irish weather, at any time of the year but especially spring and autumn, is layering. You need to be able to bundle up when the cold wind hits but remember that it can be as high as 15C or 16C (59F or 60F) in a sheltered, sunny area. And I don’t know about yous but I think the kings and queens of layering are the French. So my plan for this holiday is to create a capsule wardrobe based on a neutral colour pallet with lots of interchangeable pieces which combine to give me an effortlessly chic style. And of course I’m going to have some adventures while I’m away so I’ve also to bring appropriate clothing for them.

Here are all the clothing and accessory items I am bringing with me;

• 1 short sleeved white t-shirt
• 1 long sleeved striped t-shirt
• 1 camisole
• 1 dress
• 1 pair of jeans
• 1 pair of leggings
• 2 thin cardigans
• 1 thin jumper
• 1 trench coat
• 1 leather jacket
• 1 belt
• 1 large, thin scarf
• 1 pair of sunglasses
• 1 pair of boots
• 1 pair of brogues
• 1 pair of wellies
• 1 leather backpack
• 3 necklaces
• 1 watch

So in total we have 22 items which can all be worn in different combinations to make very different outfits.

Before I dive into what I think I’ll probably wear each day, and why, I want to make a little point about the diversity of this wardrobe. When I first started researching into capsule wardrobes I thought that it wasn’t possible to make outfits which look completely different from one another with such little variation, needless to say I was wrong. And I love being wrong. Lets take the example of jeans paired with a white shirt and leather jacket.

In the first picture I’ve rolled up the jeans to crop them and added brogues and my lightweight scarf. My hair is in a low bun and I’d probably wear a very natural eye, possibly even just mascara, and either just lip gloss or a hot pink lipstick. This is an outfit with a very feminine vibe like I’ve just come from teaching a cookery class and I’m meeting up with my best friend for coffee on her lunch break from her high-powered job as a stockbroker.

In picture number two I’m wearing boots, sunglasses and my hair is loose and wavy. It gives off a “careless chic” like I rolled out of a bed and threw on what I wore for drinks the previous night because I’m an independent woman like that. I’d probably pair this with black eyeliner, either so sharp it could cut a man or smudged as though I’d slept in it, and a vibrant red lip.

Is it strange for me to imagine backstories for my clothing choices? I find it very enjoyable, and it helps me stay creative. Maybe everyone should try it! Anyway, my point is with a few tweaks and changes the exact same outfit can yield two very different results and that is why a capsule wardrobe can really work without feeling like a uniform and give a lot more creative freedom than you might think.

On that note, here is what I will probably be wearing over the course of my trip. I say probably because I may change the styling dependant on my mood, and I’m going to show you how I’m going to style a warmer day versus a colder day which will also affect my choices.

Monday: Travel

Now some of you may know that I live in Wicklow, which is only about an hours drive from Dublin. And my boyfriend is driving. But I will have worked the whole day leading up to our trip so I’m going for cosy and comfy no matter the weather.

A warm day will call for my leather jacket, while a cold day will call for my trench. Though in all honesty I’ll probably wear the trench either way.

Tuesday: Day Trip to Mayo

Yep this is an odd one, we are driving across the country to Mayo because why not. It’s slightly colder on the other coast so more than likely I’ll bring my trench. But the decision is whether or not I’ll need a cardigan too.

If the day is warm I’ll probably just wear a light cardigan, but if it’s cold I’ll wear both trench and the cardigan. The advantage of this cardigan being so light is that it packs up into my backpack and if it’s really nippy I can always use my scarf, it’s also light and easy to pack.

Wednesday: Ghostbus Tour

I am so excited to do this tour! It’s at night so more than likely it’ll be a bit chilly so boots are a must, but I don’t know what we’re going to be doing that day so I’m just dressing for any eventuality.

So if it’s warm I might wear jeans with my striped shirt and leather jacket. If it’s just a bit nippy I might go for my white t-shirt, red cardigan and trench. If it’s absolutely Baltic out I’ll probably go for my jumper with my trench. This is a real combination of things and I might not end up wearing any of it!

Thursday: Newgrange and The Hill of Tara

Another super exciting day of adventure!!! I was advised by a good friend of mine that if it’s been raining we will essentially be walking through a field of mud, so that’s why I’m probably gonna rock the wellies regardless of what other weather there has been.

So if it’s warm I’ll probably go with my white t-shirt and trench but have my black cardigan in my bag, I can always stuff my trench into my backpack and just wear the cardigan, or wear both if it’s chilly. If it’s kind of cold I might wear my striped shirt and my trench with my scarf. And again if it’s freezing we can go all out with my jumper.

Friday: Unknown

We have no idea what we’re doing on Friday and honestly at this stage I might just be wearing whatever’s clean! Or go back to the jumper-jeans-jacket combo from Monday for comfort.

I might wear my white t-shirt and black cardigan with my brogues. Or maybe just my striped shirt with nothing else if it gets really warm. Only time will tell!

Always remember you can swap out stuff you don’t like for things you prefer. Don’t wear leggings? Add a cute skirt. Want more colour? Swap out one of the shirts for one in a bright colour. Or bring more bright accessories. The key is to have things you can pile on when it’s cold and peel off when it’s warm, and to give yourself plenty of wiggle room so you can always match your moods!

Oh and before I forget, this is the bag I’m bringing.


I think backpacks are perfect for trips where you’re planning on doing a lot of adventuring because they fit loads and are easy to carry. Bonus points if they’re waterproof like mine is, the stereotype is true, it rains a lot here in Ireland! But if you don’t have a backpack or aren’t into them just bring your Mary Poppins bag, the one that you could probably fit the kitchen sink into along with your purse and your lipstick and everything else if you really tried!

So that’s the clothes I’m bringing with me to Dublin, and how I intend to style them! I know that I’m obsessed with capsule wardrobes for travel and seeing how other people configure their wardrobes, so I hope you found this interesting! If you have any questions about travelling in Ireland or anything like that feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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