How To Pin Curl Your Hair

So as you may know if you’ve been around the beauty section of this blog before I have rather long hair. Straight it reaches my waist and curly it’s not super far off. It’s a lot of fun to play around with and this was something I decided to try one night while watching Agent Carter. Turns out I really like the look pin curling gave me so I thought I’d whip out a little tutorial for you all! If you want to see that voyage of discovery that was the first time I tried pin curling you can watch it here.

So first step is to get yourself bobby pins (lots of them) and a head scarf or bandana. I’m using a bandana here but I plan on getting a satin scarf as I usually sleep with these in and I feel like the satin would be better for my hair. But go with what you’ve got.


You first want to brush the hair so that there are no knots. Then take a tiny section of hair, curl it around your finger to begin the loop, carefully loop the hair back towards your head. Don’t twist the hair as you go, this will cause the curl to become too tight, you want to leave it as flat as possible. If you have very straight hair, or hair that doesn’t naturally hold a curl, you might want to try doing this with your hair slightly damp.

When the curl is wound up to the scalp lie it flat against the head and secure with a bobby pin. Bigger sections may need two pins, secured in an X shape, but if the curl is too thick the pins will make an indentation on the hair and deform the curl. So try to stick to smaller sections.


Repeat this for the entire head, then pin in any stragglers. Then cover the head with the scarf to hold everything in place. It takes me 50 minutes or so to pin my entire head, so pop on a film or something to keep yourself entertained.

To get a bandana to sit securely on your head as in the picture above you fold the bandana so that one side is much longer than the others. Then when it is on the head tie in a double knot with the middle section pulled through the middle of the knot. I think this makes more sense in the photographs.

You can also secure the bandana at the nape of your neck but as I am going to sleep with the curls in I prefer the forehead knot. Once you get up the next morning it’s simply a matter of removing the bandana and all of the pins to reveal your lovely curls.


I then usually style the curls by pinning in sections on either side, I find that if you try to brush the curls out at all they become very knotted and Hermione-y but I think that’s probably dependant on hair type. Of course you can do any style you want once you’ve taken the curls out, that’s the beauty of pin curling – its a really great base!


Over the course of the day the curls will fall, but the shape remains reasonably well and I don’t mind a few longer curls myself. You could use hairspray if you want to increase the longevity of your curls, I just hate the feel of it in my hair! Reminds me of ballet exams.


And that’s how I pin curl my hair! Are any of you going to try this out? Have you tried it before? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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