My Monthly Moments: Feburary

In this series I take a photograph every day for the entire month, here you get a brief overview of my month plus some of the pictures get titles. Over on my YouTube channel you get a snazzy slide show and theme music. And right here you can check out January if you’ve not seen this series already. Lets dive into February.

February has been a bit of a tough month for me, and not just because the damn month is impossible to spell. About half way through I hit a pretty bad slump and was finding it so difficult to take in the world around me. I kept wanting to just take pictures of myself with snapchat filters because it was easier, but I tried to be more creative. When I eventually looked up from my slump I realised that spring had arrived without me noticing so that was a nice surprise near the end of the month!

What I’m trying to say I guess is that even if you start off your month taking pictures of your blog and bed you might finish up the month with your new favourite profile picture, a couple of rainbows and pancakes. So ac-cent-chu-ate the positive I suppose!


Feb 4th : Rob and Maria’s Wedding.


Feb 6th : The Beginning of The End


Feb 8th : Girls Night at the Gin Palace


Feb 11th : Hometown


Feb 20th : My Face is Good in This One


Feb 26th : Dublin


Feb 28th : Shrove Tuesday

Until Next Time,

Emily Jayne xo


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