My Favourites: February

It’s hard to believe it’s already coming to the end of February, Christmas seems like it was only yesterday! But here we are, my favourite month of the year to make a favourites video/post because I do love a bit of alliteration. If you want the whistle stop tour of my favourites this month you can do that over here on my YouTube channel. If you’re coming from over that way, welcome! Lets begin;

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire


This may seem like an odd one considering how much of a non-gamer I am. But this is an incredibly nostalgic game for me. Pokémon Sapphire was one of the few games I played as a child so when Cristian offered to loan me a copy of Alpha I jumped at the chance. It’s not a straight up remake, and it’s a lot easier than I remember but I got this game in late January and I’ve still not completed it so it must be a little tricky. I really love this blast from the past and I’m sure anyone with better gamer credentials then me will have already played this and enjoyed the heck out of it.

Ted Baker Nail Polish


Anyone who knows me will know that I am a chronic nail biter, and I’m sure that’s evident in some of the pictures around here too. But I’m trying to stop (again) and in order to do that I’m painting them religiously. This set belongs to my Mum and they are just beautiful. I’m a huge Ted Baker nerd anyway *cough* but this is the first time I’ve ever tried a high end polish, and I now understand. These polishes give full coverage with just one coat, and stay on my nails for up to a week without any major chipping. They are amazing, and the colours are just gorgeous. I’ve not tried the sparkly one but the other three matte shades are glorious, and I’ve told myself that if I can grow all my nails out to a sensible length I can get myself some Ted Baker polishes as a reward. So if I end up doing a Ted Baker polish review soon you’ll all know why!



This film is my new favourite animated film, for right now. What can I say? I’m a fickle movie watcher. Anyway, the basic plot of this film is anthropomorphic American Idol. It’s technically a kids film but it’s hilarious and heart warming and generally very good. It’s well written and plot driven, with well thought out characters and amazing pacing. It managed to keep all the kids in the cinema I was in quiet for the whole of the nearly two hour run time, and there were some young kids in there too. I would totally recommend it to anyone who loves a good heart warming tale, it’s for kids aged 8 to 80 as they say.

Agent Carter


This is the beginning of the downward spiral of February into WWII obsession resurgence. Miss Peggy Carter, how I love this woman. As I said on YouTube I love when a female protagonist is shown as confident in herself without also being shown as cocky or egotistical. Peggy is everything I aspire to be in a woman, and as a whole is an amazingly well fleshed out character with an interesting arc. And I just don’t understand why she was cancelled. Marvel seriously lost a winner with this one and I’m not alone when I say WE WANT MORE PEGGY!! I’m sorry if I just crushed your dreams of several series of Peggy Carter kicking ass while 1940’s swing plays in the background, but I swear the two series we have got are some of the best marvel, or anyone else for that matter, have put out there.

Pin Curls and Winged Liner


As I said, Peggy brought back to the surface my love of all things 40’s related this includes pin curls and winged liner. Yes I am sandwiching these two together so I can just use one picture, but I also think I should curtail the amount I ramble on about these favourites. Pin curls are wonderful, they give me full and bouncy curls which fuel the land girl inside me but also are quite reminiscent of the 1980’s curls we’ve been seeing beauty megastar Zoella sporting recently so I like to think I’m at least a little bit trendy. They’re surprisingly comfortable to sleep with in and generally make me feel happy as heck. There’ll be a how-to blog post and first impressions video going up the week after next (so March 9th unless something comes up) I think I may have fudged that up in my video but sure we’ll see what happens. As for winged liner I think it ties in with that classic 1940’s look incredibly well. In this photo I have very thin lines but I actually have no control over their thickness and if you take a look at my Instagram you’ll see that I also sport much thicker lines too. I really enjoy these as they’re a relatively new thing for me, I don’t know what clicked over the past month but suddenly I can get them pretty even and looking okay so I’ve been wearing them almost every day I’m wearing makeup.

Soap and Glory, Man Trap Lipstick


This is the other side of my 1940’s look; matte red lipstick. Now as you may know I do have several matte red lipsticks in my repertoire (if you’d like a comparison or collection video/blog post let me know!) but this is one I have been wearing a lot recently. As implied by the rather large dent in the bullet, I’ve had this lipstick for quite some time and I had rather abandoned it up until earlier in this month. The great thing about this lipstick is that it has a slightly waxy texture which means that it doesn’t feather and so can be worn without lip liner. For me this is a huge bonus and it means I can just throw it in my purse to be applied in the car/on the bus/at my destination without too much worry. It’s also a very long lasting lipstick and a very easy colour to wear. As you may know I am also a Soap and Glory nerd *cough* but I would highly recommend there entire lipstick range because all the colours I’ve got are awesome.

Wartime Farm


This is going almost too deep into my weird nerdiness for my liking but I just had to mention Wartime Farm. It’s a historical documentary based around two archaeologists (Peter Ginn and Alex Langlands) and one historian (Ruth Goodman) working a farm as it would have been during world war two. I love history and, as I’m sure you can tell, WWII home front is one of the periods of history I find most interesting. For me this sort of living history is incredibly exciting and fun, and these three humans are totally awesome. Ruth Goodman is literally one of my heroines, she’s amazing. Its one of those things where it’s certainly not for everyone but if you like to learn about history in fun and interesting ways this one may be for you, and the whole series is available here on YouTube. Along with several other similar series, so please enjoy!

And those are my February Favourites! If you like any of these things and want to geek out about them with me please, please do so in the comments!! And if you’re interested in that red lipstick collection post let me know too! Thank you so much for reading.

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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