Washing My Hair Once A Week

Yes, even with my waist length hair I only wash it once a week. This is actually a pretty popular trend and I’ve seen it a bunch of times on YouTube. What attracted me to the idea of only washing my hair once a week was the idea that if you let the natural oils build up in your roots it can help get rid of dandruff. I suffer pretty badly with dandruff so the idea of this intruigued me…also I’m lazy and have a lot of hair so washing it often is a pain.

What I’ve found is that it doesn’t really get rid of the dandruff but it does lessen the amount that I see which is excellent. And yes, it does mean I can be as lazy as I like. Here’s my basic hair timetable, and if you want a less clinical and more chatty version of this you can check out my YouTube video.

Thursday: Coconut oil hair mask and washing the hair. I melt my coconut oil and massage it into the roots of my hair, I then wash it out a few hours later with head and shoulders shampoo. In order to get the hair to curl I section the hair into two and twist the hair away from my face while it dries, I find this works best if some sort of curling mousse/spray/gel has been added to the hair.

Friday: Enjoy big bouncy curls, sleep with the hair in a topknot.

Saturday: I wear my hair in a pretty tight bun for work, this encourages the curls, and I also sleep with it in a topknot again tonight.

Sunday: Enjoy beachy/grungy curls. Topknot again!

Monday: Make the choice between straight hair and curly hair. If I want straight hair I will use a straightener, or flat iron as some of you state siders call it. If I want curly hair then I’ll pin curl my hair over night. This involves pinning the hair to the head in curls, covering it with a head scarf and then sleeping with them in. In the morning the curls emerge bouncy and luscious. The pros of pin curls is that it’s a no heat method, the cons are that it needs to be repeated nightly until I re-wash my hair. Straightening is the opposite, so it all depends on how lazy I want to be that week!

Tuesday: Dry shampoo! If I’ve straightened my hair I’ll sleep with dry shampoo in as the grease will really show through on Wednesday in the straight hair. If I’ve curled it I’ll sit with the shampoo on my roots for a few hours on Tuesday evening before re-curling my hair, the dry shampoo will take away the worst of the grease and the curls will hide the rest.

Wednesday: Sleep with a topknot in. I’m going to be washing my hair the next day so I usually don’t add dry shampoo or anything to my hair on Wednesday night, but if I know I’m going to have to leave the house Thursday morning I will put dry shampoo in on Wednesday night and wear it in a sleek ponytail or oversized bun (a la Zoella in 2010)

And that’s my week of hair! It’s actually very simple now that I look at it all written out, and it does require a lot less effort than daily or second-daily washes. Have any of you tried this method? Or do you think it’s super gross? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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