Berts Bees Mama Bee Collection

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a review! But I’ve had this lot since Christmas so I thought I was in a pretty good position to do a cheeky little review on them, lets go!

I love Bert’s Bees, their stuff tends to be really, really nice and doesn’t react with my skin and is all natural. It’s a great brand and I would always recommend it. This set comes in a lovely little cardboard box which I’m probably gonna reuse in some way (I’ll keep you posted). It contains one pack of face wipes, one hand cream, one foot and leg cream, one body oil, and two lip balms.

Lets begin with the face wipes, or as they call them “facial towelettes” These are truly decadent as face wipes go, or maybe its just because I’m used to the boots own brand ones. Whatever the case these are lovely. They smell of honey and flowers, which is what I presume to be the white tea extract and is quite strong so if you don’t like strong scents I think this one may be best avoided. As for ability, I’m able to take all my makeup off with one wipe, as per regular wipes so they shape up there. And they’re really thick which is just nice. I personally only take my makeup off with wipes if I’m feeling really lazy (read as “took shots when she shouldn’t have”) so what I really love about these wipes is that they have a sticky reseal and a plastic one so the wipes actually stay moist. It’s so convenient.


I really love the smell of this hand cream; its honey. No joke just straight up honey. Like literally go to your kitchen, open the honey and take a whiff. That’s how this smells. It’s so nice. It’s a very thick cream so I think it would work really well for people who’s hands tend to get cracked during the winter, but for me it’s more like a night time/evening cream for when I want to feel a little pampered as my hands don’t crack.


Speaking of pampered though, this foot cream is so nice. I use foot cream nightly and this one has peppermint in so it cools your feet and makes them tingle! I think this would be great for the summer as opposed to a traditional foot cream that makes your feet hot and sticky. It was actually one of my January Faves if you’re interested in that at all.


When I first saw this body oil I was very unsure about it. I thought it was going to be sticky and slimy and just make me uncomfortable. I was wrong. It works very similarly to a body butter where it needs to sit on the skin a little while longer than just a moisturiser but it does lock in moisture! I love using this after a bath, it makes my skin feel all plump and gorgeous, it’s just decadent. And it smells of honey too, honey might actually be one of my favourite smells.


Lip Balm A is your standard lip balm, it puts a waxy layer of menthol goodness on your lips and stops them feeling awful and cracked. I really like Bert’s Bees lip balms because they’re really thick and you don’t need to apply them too often. I don’t like lip balms that fade too fast, the point of a clear balm is lip protection I don’t want to have to reapply you! Which is why this balm is so nice, and minty, did I mention its minty? Mint is also one of my favourite smells.


Lip Balm B is a lovely tinted lip balm that goes with any casual look. It’s either in hibiscus, made from hibiscus, or both, who knows? Not me because despite saying the same thing in my December Faves, I still haven’t managed to do any research. #Winning Anyway, this is a much thinner and oiler balm than Lip Balm A and does need some reapplication, but I’ll let it away with not living up to it’s long wear duties because it is such a pretty colour.


And that’s my review, overall I loved everything in this and have been using all of the products on at least a weekly basis. Bert’s Bees will always bee one of my favourite brands…can I make that joke? Whelp I just did. I should go, but do let me know what you think of these products/Bert’s Bees in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! If you got this far comment “Bzzz Bzzz Fluffertrucker” because why not?

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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