My Monthly Moments: January

Do you ever look at something in your life and just feel bowled over by the beauty of it? Like a sunset half glanced out your bedroom window or the perspective of the leaves of the tree you’re lying under, or even the graphics of a game your playing or a well placed shot in a film. Sometimes I just feel like I need to find some way to appreciate the little moments of beauty in my life, so that’s why I’ve started this project.

“My Monthly Moments” (or mmm for short) is one photograph of something I think is beautiful every day for the next twelve months. This is the first edition, beginning on Monday the second of January and ending on Monday the thirty-first of January.
You can take a leisurely scroll through my January here on this blog, or you can head over to my YouTube where I’ve done a slide show. Some explanations or titles for the pictures may be added here and you get a soundtrack there so take your pick. And before anyone states the obvious, yes there are several selfies included because sometimes I’m beautiful too, nothing wrong with that!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I hope you enjoy and I hope to see you again soon.

Until Next Time,

Emily Jayne xo

Jan 5th; Yes I’m going to SitC! Will I see any of you there?

received_1036641289779167received_1036641323112497Jan 7th; Literally split my lip from kissing too vigorously.

received_1036641336445829received_1036641349779161received_1036641359779160received_1036641383112491received_1036641393112490received_1036641399779156received_1036641403112489received_1036641406445822Jan 15th; ‘Soppy’ No makeup, glasses on.

received_1036641413112488received_1050053661771263received_1050053655104597received_1050053668437929Jan 19th; ‘Lost Lovers’

received_1050053685104594received_1050053725104590received_1050053765104586received_1050053795104583Jan 23rd; ‘Self Care



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