My Favourites: January

Okay I know it’s only been two weeks since my December Favourites post but January is always a strange month in terms of scheduling. I apologise if this is giving you favourites fatigue but I promise it’ll be a whole month (more or less) before you get another one of these posts! Oh also if you don’t want to read all of my favourites you can watch the highlight reel here on YouTube! Lets begin with beauty shall we?

1. L’Oréal True Match Highlight in Icy Glow.
I have been exclusively wearing this highlight since I bought it in early January. It a gorgeous trifecta of cool highlight shimmers which just work so well on my alabaster skin. These shades can be used together which is a very shimmery going out type of look. Or they can be used individually to suit the tone of the other makeup you’re wearing. What’s great about these highlights too is that they come with a big mirror and tiny fan brush as can be seen in the picture. The brush is good for on the go application, but what I’m getting excited over is the mirror. The mirror is big for the size of the compact, I can see my whole face if I try hard enough, and it’s not going to get covered in powder as it’s below the set making it perfect for travel. 10/10 would recommend.


2. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Cream.
I love this foot cream, I use foot cream every night because I work on my feet a lot and its nice to feel a little pampered every day. This cream is so excellent for after work because it has a cooling effect. It is made of peppermint oil and rosemary leaf extract so it smells like peppermint and the menthol helps to cool your feet. Its such a nice product and you know it’s also not awful for you because it’s all natural like all Burt’s Bees products. 100% natural for the win!


3. A Monster Calls.
Okay I nearly didn’t put this into my favourites because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it was just too good to leave out. So if you like seeing films that blow your mind because you literally know nothing about them scroll, scroll quickly! This film is basically about a boy who summons a monster to help him deal with adolescence and his mothers illness, but holy hell is it beautiful. Like visually it is just gorgeous, but emotionally it was beautiful too. It’s the first time in a long time where I have exited a cinema and just had to think about what I’d just witnessed, absolute mastery of the art form. I will never get over the use of sound in this film, my mind is so blown. Literally just go see it, bring tissues.


4. Sherlock Series Four.
Yeah I know this is a divisive one, but I really enjoyed it okay? No spoilers, this blog is a safe space mind yourselves in the comments, but I found it really good. Perhaps some characters acted in ways we wouldn’t necessarily expect but they were dealing with…stuff. I said no spoilers and I meant it! I think the level of intrigue this series was just amazing, I didn’t see most of the twists coming and I think the finale was great! Honestly I know a lot of people are saying that they’ll be very disappointed if that’s the last ever episode of Sherlock, but I’m totally okay with it. Right now everyone is where they need to be I feel. Also I cried multiple times per episode, so I feel like emotionally they got me good.


5. Game Theory.
Okay I’m not even kidding Mat Pat is taking over my life. It started out with a little dabble into film theory a few months back, then a quick shuffle into game theory after that, then I discovered GTLive and now I can’t stop! You know when you get hooked on a YouTube channel and you watch everything on it and then you get annoyed at yourself because there’s nothing left for you to watch? Yeah I’m getting to that stage now. I always did love a good conspiracy theory and when that stuff can be backed up by logic? Whoa nelly I am in there. Plus Mat Pat has a really calming voice, its nice to listen to him speak when you’re tired. Pro tip.


6. YouTubing.
And finally on this list is a word I’m not sure exists….okay according to urban dictionary it does. Anyway, as I indicated in my opening paragraph I’ve returned once again to making YouTube videos. And honestly I forgot how fun a hobby it is. I’m actually enjoying editing, which is something I never thought was possible. I’m being creative and generally having a great time. Now even by small YouTuber standards I am a blip in the YouTube landscape, I don’t even have 50 subscribers, but I just love making stuff. And that’s the most important thing about a hobby, not that I think it could ever be a career, but that I’m enjoying it in this moment.

And that’s all my favourites this month, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know some of your favourites down in the comments? I hope you had a great January and here’s to February being even more awesome! Though lets be real, how does one get better than foot cream and crying at fictional characters? I don’t know that we can.

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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