Am I a MCU Mind-Reader?

Welcome ladles and gentlspoons. Today I will attempt, using nothing but the power of my mind, to predict the future! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN

Okay I’m kidding, but I am kind of attempting to predict the future today. I want to talk to you about Spider-Man: Homecoming. I am so excited for this film to come out, if you don’t know I’m a big fan of the MCU. I’m one of these people who likes convoluted interlinking storylines, sue me. However over the past little while I’ve found that the marvel films are becoming a bit predictable. Especially the sequels. Not in an “I’ve read the comics, I know what’s about to happen” way, but in an “well this is following the exact same plot structure as the last seven films…” way. So today I thought I could try an experiment; I’m going to give my predictions for the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming based on the trailers and marvels usual structure and once the film comes out I’ll update this post and see how close I got. And honestly, I hope I was really, really wrong.

So this film will open with Peter being super excited about his run in with the avengers, and using the Stark suit to fight “petty” crimes. I say “petty” because I expect the technology which can be seen in the first crime Peter foils in the trailer will resurface later as part of a bigger plan. When fighting this crime Peter gets himself into trouble, either getting injured or caught by the bad guys, or injuring someone else, or perhaps just property damage.

At this point Tony steps in leading to the scene we see in the car. He tells Peter to stop putting himself into dangerous situations. This comes from a good place in Tony’s heart but because he’s Tony Freaking Stark and a general unintentional asshole he doesn’t quite get his point across. And because Peter doesn’t feel like Tony believes in him or respects him he becomes disillusioned with the whole idea of crime fighting.

It is now we see the school scenes, and is probably the time Peter’s heteronormative and unnecessary love story will be “fleshed out”. It appears in the trailers that Peter has a crush on a popular cheerleader type called Liz, and he may even go on a date with her. But anyone with half a knowledge of high school dramas will know that he will end up with Michelle; the nerdy emo looking friend. Partially because tropes, partially because Zendaya is the more famous actress. She’s not here to play a sidekick my friends.

Anyway some time during this spate of loneliness Peter accidentally comes out as Spider-Man to his best friend Ned. It is possibly Ned who convinces Peter to go back out as Spider-Man to kick butt. But looking at Peter’s costume in this scene of the trailers it is possible that this is a flash back as he doesn’t seem to be wearing the swish Stark suit but something more homemade. So it is possible that this is Peter and Ned explaining to new bff Michelle how Ned has always known that Peter is Spider-Man. Therefore if it’s not Ned that convinces Peter to get back out there its Michelle.

Either way Peter totally ignores Tony’s totally rational but badly worded advice and heads back out into the fray. He does pretty okay too until he meets the big bad of this film; The Vulture. The Vulture seems to be the usual Marvel sequel 2D bad guy pulling heists and generally being naughty. However he may have some sort of tragic science based back story which will account for how he got his suit, or maybe he’ll just have stolen it, who knows? Either way Peter will accidentally stumble upon him, or The Vulture will seek Peter out as he’s been ruining his plans for world domination or some such badness. The Vulture will kick Peter’s butt five ways from Sunday and Peter will end up badly hurt or have his identity exposed to The Vulture. I personally think it may be a combination of both with the fight in the bus car park…or whatever you’d call that location, being this fight. Then we see a man who is presumably an unmasked Vulture telling Peter “Don’t mess with me because I will kill you and everybody you love”.

This is probably the point at which Peter goes to Tony about The Vulture. He knows Peter’s identity and could come after him or his loved ones at any moment. Tony is rather flippant about it. I’m going to assume that this is probably because Tony does too much talking and Peter can’t properly explain the situation. But this could possibly happen pre butt kicking as Peter doesn’t seem too injured and I think Tony would be more concerned if he was.

But whatever way round this happens Peter doesn’t have Tony’s help when it comes to him finally facing The Vulture. There may be an extra fight scene between talking to Tony and the final battle which provokes The Vulture into attacking Peter and his loved ones. Or it may be that Peter and the gang just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the case because his loved ones are in danger and he’s the only superhuman in the vicinity Peter finds the power of love, and kicks The Vultures butt. Perhaps aided at the last moment by Tony who has realised that this Vulture guy is actually a much bigger threat than he first thought and good triumphs over evil. Peter makes out with Michelle. Ned may get with Liz, I’m iffy on that one.

Everyone is happy, the after credits scene teases Thor: Ragnarok. Everyone leaves the cinema feeling like they had a rip roaring good time.

And that’s my prediction for the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming. As I said above I really hope I’m wrong and they do away with all the teenage tropes and the superhuman tropes but Marvels got a good formula, why would they change now? No matter what I know I’m going to have a great time watching this film and I’m super excited to go see it.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t predict Guardians two because they have a lot less predictability and I like to sound smarter than I am, obviously. ;D

Do you think I’m right? Wrong? Let me know your predictions in the comments below!!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne

PS: This image was taken from Google images and this website, all rights to their respective owners. Also if the title homecoming isn’t a pun on the dance and Peter finally controlling his powers I’m gonna be so dissapointed.


My friend Eli just pointed out to me that I forgot the obligatory MCU light beam shooting into space during the final battle! How could I forget that! Obligatory light beam is obligatory.


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