My Favourites: December

Am I turning into a basic white girl blogger? I must be because here’s the highlight reel on YouTube! Follow your dreams kids, even if they make you average as heck.
Getting into my stuff, which is what you’re all heire for really, surprisingly for me they’re in no particular order. Because it’s almost midnight as I type this and I’m feeling craaaaazaaay. Christmas really buggered up my sleep schedule guys.
Lets start off with the strangest thing I have on this list; toothpaste.


So okay, I drink coffee and red wine, and I eat a lot more chocolate than I should (Did you see all the food I got for Christmas???). So keeping my teeth pearly white is really hard. This is advanced white from Colgate, and seriously guys it makes your teeth whiter in just a few weeks, it’s amazing. #notspon but Colgate if you wanna throw me some cash I’m there 😉


Wow there’s gonna be a fair few links in this one, have you seen my Ted Baker Review? These are two beautiful winter lipsticks, one in a deep red I called “Holly Berries are Metaphors for Christ’s Blood – Fun Fact” and the other is a deep purple called “Lets Spike The Ribena” These are two perfect colours for winter because they’re deep berry tones that look like drinking mulled wine and eating copious amounts of ham. Man I love Christmas ham, I’d take it over the turkey any day.


Ahem, so I got this one for Christmas…I swear that’s the last plug I’m sorry. But this is a tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. Now I don’t know if you know this about me but I love Burt’s Bees products, they’re all natural and they preform spectacularly. This lip balm is just so lovely, its smooth and soft like their regular lip balms. But it has a lovely soft pink colour that makes me look immediately done up, which is what you want really. Now I can’t tell if this colour is called hibiscus or whether the colour comes from the hibiscus plant or both. But on the packaging it says hibiscus so there you go.

Lets get into clothes shall we? For outerwear I am LOVING this slightly unseasonable suede bomber jacket. I got it from Penny’s just before Christmas it was reduced from 30E down to 10E and I was like “yes please”. I’m in love with everything about this jacket and have been wearing it with everything. Dresses, jumpers, sweaters, seriously it’s practically a daily occurrence. It’s not super warm but it it’s been a warm winter so it’s all good really.


So lets talk about sweaters. For a long time now I’ve avoided buying any because I didn’t think my body type would suit wearing them in a cute way. Turns out anyone can wear a sweater if they buy a big enough size, so for anyone who’s saying to themselves “nope can’t pull that one off” just try one on. You make be surprised. Fun fact also; I literally bought this one on sight I didn’t even bother trying it on. I’ve wanted to rep the hometown via sweater for a while now and I happened to be in Carrolls and I just sort of went for it. And for the uninitiated, Carrolls is the most tacky tourist shop in Ireland which constantly plays strange deedle-i music just so you know why I’ve just lost all of my Irish followers. I’m kidding, and actually Carrolls does have some nice stuff in, like this sweater, so lets everybody get off Carrolls back.


I don’t even think I need to explain this shirt. It’s navy and has stars on. Who doesn’t love this shirt!? I do. And I have it in my life and that makes me obscenely happy. It’s also a Penny’s situation, so it probably wasn’t super expensive, I don’t remember because it could have cost 20E and I still would have bought it. I have a weakness for quirky shirts.


Whoops. I guess the lip balm wasn’t the last link. I’m sorry. I love my menstrual cup. Like I now get it when I see people online gushing about cups because they’re seriously great. It’s so convenient, I got my period while I was at the movies this month and rather than have to loudly open a pad (or stuff my knickers with tissue because I was too stupid to remember to carry a pad) I just popped open my cup and went on with my day. They really are excellent and anyone considering getting a cup should just do it because it’ll make your whole life better. I just realised I said gushing earlier in this paragraph….sorry not sorry.


Okay yeah I’m late to this party, like so late. But where the hell else can you save playlists of K-pop and 1940’s hits side by side?? My music taste is…eclectic…so finding new stuff can be a pain for me. Spotify really does take the hassle out of music finding and listening. Again #notspon but Spotify hit me up yeah?

So what do you think of my favourites? What were some of your favourites from this month? Anything I should be caught up with ASAP, because clearly I’ve been missing out on menstrual cups and Spotify for years. I am not down with the kids. *Sigh*

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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