What I Got For Christmas!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 is here and in a new year new me fashion I’m starting back up my YouTube channel, if you’d like to see my favourite Christmas gifts rather than a rundown of everything I got you can watch my face do that here! And if you’re coming from YouTube; welcome!

Anyway as per these things I’m not showing off I’m just making the kind of content I enjoy in the hopes of attracting like minded people. As such please enjoy the stuff I was lucky enough to receive from my wonderful friends and family. Also as per me they’re categorised, I genuinely think I may be too organised.

1. Stationary


Okay so the categories may be ever so slightly lose groups, but here we have some stationary kind of things. I think the photo fame may be a little tricky to see in this picture as it’s all glass but I swear those photos of my grads ball aren’t just floating. I also got the new Dan and Phil calendar, a Harry Potter colouring book (and pencils!), an organiser with a cute puppy on it, and a new photo album. You want to see a picture of foetus me that my uncle gave me with the calendar?


I was so damn cute, what happened?

2. Clothes


I love the traditional Christmas gift of socks and pj’s. The pj’s say team Rudolph (I’m more of a Comet girl myself but these are still cute) and the socks have woodland creatures on.

3. Candles


I love a good candle. In fact I’m burning one right now, they’re just great. This year I got a sweet pea candle from Dunnes, a rosemary and lavender candle from Tipperary crystal (swanky af thanks parents), and a real beeswax candle which I am so excited to burn.

4. Beauty


The bulk of my gifts are usually beauty related and I am so okay with that. This year I got two beauty cracker sets, which I did a cheeky little review of last week if you’re so inclined. Along with those I got a beautiful Bert’s Bees giftset, it’s the mama bee one and it’s just gorgeous. Two perfume sets; Katy Perry’s Killer Queen which may be my new favourite perfume though it fades pretty quickly, and Yardly Diamond which has the most beautiful bottle. Not to forget the cute little sheep soap, as you use the soap the felt shrinks around it so it’s like a little washcloth and soap in one. Shaped like a sheep! So cute.

5. Books and DVDs


Okay so the book haul was not great this year but if you saw my TBR you’d understand. (Ten books guys. TEN) But I’m obsessed with anything Potter so I’m actually really excited to read the fantastic beasts screenplay. As you can see the DVDs are all MCU, I’m trying to collect all the MCU films because I think it’d be fun to have the set, and I like superheroes. Judge me, idec.

6. FOOD!!!


This is the other traditional Christmas gift I just love. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. yes. But alongside these I thought I’d pop in my new favourite mug, it’s the marauders map mug that changes colour!!! Literally I have the best brother in the world. It is just too cool. I’m coming across as such a nerd in this post. Well at least you know the truth!

7. Jewellery


This last one is very special to me. The boyfriend got me this beautiful bracelet and I couldn’t be more grateful. This is probably the most beautiful thing he’s every bought me and I’m just so lucky to have him. Okay I’m done gushing, sorry. It’s cute though right?

And that is pretty much everything I got for Christmas! I am a lucky, lucky girl and I am so grateful for all the awesome humans I have in my life. And all the awesome stuff I now have in my life.

If there’s anything here you’d like a review of let me know, and if you came here from YouTube do leave a comment saying hey!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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