Beauty Crackers Review

Merry Twixtmas everyone! (You can thank Susie Dent for teaching me that one)

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the death of 2016 as much as I am. I was a very lucky girl this year and was gifted not one but two beauty Christmas cracker sets and I thought I’d do a review in case anyone was thinking of nabbing one in the sales.

I got the Zoella “Just Crackers” set and the Soap and Glory “What a Cracker” set. Both of these are lovely sets but I do think they’re better broken down and given as group gifts rather than given as a set. Unless you know someone who is really into minis. Shall we start of with the Zoella set?

As you can see this comes with four crackers and each contains a different mini. All of the minis are in the same scent which is gingerbread and warm vanilla. I was very surprised to discover that I really liked this scent because normally sweet scents make me feel sick. So it’s sweet and smells of cookies but in a subtle way, and I like it anyway. Also on the back of each cracker is a really cute joke like “What do you call Rudolph with lots of snow in his ears? Anything you want he can’t hear you!” All of which made me smile and upped the brownie points of this set.

The crackers contained a hand cream, a shower gel, a body cream, and a lip balm. All of the creams are a handbag friendly 40 ml and the packaging is just so sweet. Pardon the pun. The two creams are very similar and leave skin feeling really lovely and soft with only a subtle scent. The lip balm has almost no smell, and does leave the lips fairly moisturised. But it is shimmery and makes me look a little like I’m ill because it makes my lips so pale. All in all I like this set a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone who already likes this range from Zoella, or anyone who likes her stuff and wants to try this range out.

The soap and glory set contains six crackers as opposed to four, so if you have more friends (or want even more minis) this may be the set for you. The pictures on the box are repeated but the contents are different in each of them. They do all contain a rather fetching hat and a weird propaganda based joke;

Yeah all the jokes are like that I dunno why. Anyway, between the six crackers there was one Scrub of you Life, one Righteous Body Butter, one Clean, Girls Body Wash, one Clean On Me Body Wash, one Heel Genius, and one Hand Food. I reviewed a few of these in my Whole Glam Lot Review which you can check out here, but I’m gonna reiterate myself here because I’m a good human like that.

So five out of the six products are in the “Pink” scent, this is the classic rose and bergamot soap and glory situation which I am a big fan of. The only product which smells different is Heel Genius as it contains something menthol-y, it’s still lovely though. Heel Genius is a really nice product for anyone who spends all day on their feet; it’s really cooling and it leaves even really cracked heels feeling much softer. I have a full sized one of this already and use it regularly after work and it’s just so nice.

Clean on Me, and Clean, Girls are two very similar products. I think the only major difference in these two is that clean on me is ever so slightly thicker. Or maybe I’m making shit up IDK. I like both of these a lot and I think it’s always good to have body wash minis for holidays so I’m pretty delighted with both of these.

The set contained two moisturisers, the righteous body butter and a hand food mini. I really like that this body butter is in a squeeze bottle because the other mini I have of this is in a tub and it really isn’t that travel friendly. This is probably my favourite body butter of all time and I would recommend it to anyone. The hand food is also one of my favourite hand creams, 99% because of the scent payoff. Like who needs perfume, y’know? But it also leaves hands super smooth and it’s such a nice handbag size too.

As I’ve said before I’m not the best for remembering to exfoliate. But I really love this scrub. It’s not harsh on my skin at all and it leaves me lovely and smooth. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever use this mini but hey, it’s a good thing to have just in case I end up on some hot date while I’m abroad…that may be the best joke I’ve told in this post…

Anyway, in conclusion I really like both of these sets. They’re good as small gifts for a few people and they’re good if you know someone who loves minis. Have any of you tried these sets? Could I ask a more generic question? 😛 Also I was thinking that next week I would upload a post about what I got for Christmas, would any of you be interested in reading that or nah?

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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