The Whole Glam Lot Review

I need to stop randomly purchasing stuff online for myself in the lead up to Christmas. But one can never have too many soap and glory products am I right? And this was a great deal online – it was 40 euros but it should have been 80 and the products are all full size. An absolute steal! Somebody please validate this awful spending…

The products come in a thin metal case. I honestly thought this would be thicker and made of plastic and that I could use it again for something but nope. It’s so thin it offers no protection for the products or anything else you’d carry in it. But as a decorative piece of storage I think it’ll be hella cute so…win some lose some?


Within the case we get ten full sized products.



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First up for review we have the righteous butter body moisturiser. This is a super creamy body butter in the original soap and glory “pink” scent which is a rose and bergamot situation. This body butter is the kind of thing you put on after a night shower or during the dead of winter when your skin is feeling the effects of all the artificially heated air. It is super moisturising and will leave you a little sticky for 10 minutes after you apply. Unfortunately mine came with a crack in the packaging but I already have a half empty pot of this so hopefully I can just transfer it across.


Next up we have the smoothie star deep moisture body milk. This is another moisturiser but when I first got it I thought it was shower gel because of the consistency. It’s strangely thin and goopy. This is probably my least favourite product in the pack because of the smell; it smells like sugar and almonds. If you’re the kind of person who likes the Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle this’ll be for you. Personally if I think about it too hard it makes me gag. But the product itself is super nice, it dries really quickly but leaves the skin really soft. I can overlook the awful smell because it is a really nice product and I can always put perfume over it.


Keeping on the moisturiser theme, here is the speed plump all day super moisture marvel. That is a long name soap and glory! This is a facial moisturiser which is supposed to give you “tighter, brighter, firmer, smoother looking skin” While I can’t attest to any of that I can say that this is the most perfect under makeup moisturiser I’ve found so far. It’s quite a thin moisturiser, as in a little goes a long way. It leaves the skin super soft and helps my foundation to just glide on effortlessly. I also love the smell, apparently it has “watermelonfruit(TM) complex” in, and I don’t know what that means but it sure smells nice and fruity. Also the packaging on this one is really lovely its very thin but sturdy and I think this one is going to be great for travel. No SPF though.


The last in the moisturisers for this pack is this absolutely huge bottle of hand food. Hand food is a hand cream which is in the soap and glory “pink” scent, same as the body butter. Usually I would buy the handbag friendly 50 ml version but I will not turn my nose up at this 125 ml behemoth. I love love love this hand cream and it’d be the one thing I’d recommend to anyone thinking about trying the range because it’s just lovely. I couldn’t resist, I just put some on, my hands are so soft and they smell like joy and summer.10/10 well done soap and glory.


Another handbag essential that I was delighted to get in this pack is this tiny hand sanitizer. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to hand sanitizer just because I’m around humans a lot and it’s an easy way to keep their nasty germs off me. What I don’t like though is that a lot of hand sanitizers smell like a pub floor. So alcoholic. And then in struts this little number! Smells like pink, looks like pink, kills germs. #winning


Lets move on to shower stuff; the scrub of your life is a body scrub which as best I can make out is also in the “pink” scent. I’ve been using this product for a while now and I love it. I’m not very good at remembering to exfoliate, shame on me I know, but this stuff makes me excited to exfoliate! It smells good, it’s not super harsh on the skin and it leaves me feeling smooth as a new born babe. This is the kind of thing I’d use before a date; it makes me feel like my best self and I know it’s not gonna make me break out! Win win.


Next is the sugar crush body wash. Okay, so this is my favourite new product I got in the pack not joking. This smells like limes. Literally, like I’ve just cut open a lime to put in my vodka soda…or like some other non alcoholic drink I am also partial to…*ahem* Aside from the smell this is very similar to the other body washes in the soap and glory line which are generally not super memorable. They wash you and that’s good, I just like the lime hype honestly. I would recommend just going into the shop and giving this one a sniff if you can because it’s so good!


Another new (to me) product I got in this pack is the face soap and clarity vitamin C facial wash. Which according to the packaging is technically not a soap? Why put soap in the title then?? This confuses me. But I do like this facial wash a lot, it’s great for getting off makeup residue and is super kind to the skin. My skin doesn’t like the peaches and clean facial soap from soap and glory so I was a little worried that it would also take exception to this facial wash but thank goodness it didn’t. I can’t quite pinpoint the scent on this one, it’s kind of fruity and minty? I don’t know, it’s nice though and my face enjoys it.


I could go on and on about this mascara, I am not kidding. This is my everyday mascara and I just LOVE it! It makes your eyelashes fan out and it’s not too heavy or sticky. However, it’s the opposite of waterproof, it can withstand a sad film to some extent but if you get rained on you end up looking like the leave Britney alone guy. Can I still reference that? Is that even vaguely relevant? Does that help anyone visualise this? Anyway, my point is if you’re looking for a mascara you can swim in this is not it. But it is a really beautiful mascara.


Lip gloss. So as some of you may know I grew up through the 90’s as a tomboy. Occasionally I get flashbacks about frosted lipstick. Lip gloss is another of my 90’s triggers. It’s just so sticky! And it lasts like three seconds I just don’t understand. But I will give it to this, it’s no where near as bad as I remembered. If you’re a lip gloss person this is quite a pretty nude/pink colour which makes your lips tingle. Oh yeah it’s like a “plumping” lip gloss. I don’t know this just isn’t for me.

So in conclusion this set is great value especially if you already love soap and glory products. Looking back over this I can also conclude that soap and glory stuff is not suitable to anyone who doesn’t like strong scents or flowery scents. I also think I like soap and glory so much because of their strong product naming game. Do you guys have any of these products or other soap and glory products? I have to say I do love their lipsticks too, any of you tried any of those? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Emily Jayne xo

PS; sorry there was no post on Tuesday, some peasant sneezed on me and gave me the plague. Just in case anyone was concerned.


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