7 of My Winter Essentials

Here are a few of my winter fashion and beauty must-haves. I’ll try and remember where everything is from but some of these items I’ve had for a few winters now so not all of them will be available. Soz.

Skinny Jeans.

So I personally believe that winter is just an excuse to not shave my legs for three months, give or take a Tuesday, so jeans are a must! I have two examples here, a dark pair which were from Next quite some time ago. And a grey pair I got from Penny’s a couple of weeks back.


I generally wear this pair if I’m feeling a bit bloated because they’re quite loose at the top. Or if I’m going for that #EmoAesthetic and wearing all dark colours that day because I no longer own black skinny jeans.


These grey ones are so tight, but I love the look of an all grey outfit at this time of year, it reminds me of snow. Also I think the frayed look at the bottom of these jeans is so cute right now, however, ss it’s Penny’s they aren’t quite long enough on me (my limbs are an inch too long for Penny’s goods) but you can’t see that when they’re tucked into boots. And guess what else you cant see? The frayed hem. Grrr.



I love boots, and I’ve been having a love affair with this pair for a good three years now. These were a hand me down, but they originally came from Clarks. They are so comfortable and have worn incredibly well. I’m very picky with shoes so I currently only have these short boots in my collection, but I am keeping an eye out for the perfect knee-high pair. It seems like everything is over the knee and suede this season and that’s just too Kim K for me.


Of course I couldn’t leave out my absolute favourite item of clothing! I love a good jumper because you don’t have to think too hard about an outfit when you’re wearing a jumper and I thoroughly enjoy not thinking. So here we have a selection of my favourite jumpers. Side note; I actually broke the drawer I keep my jumpers in today because I was trying to squeeze everything in, I think I may have a problem.


Here we have the classy jumper. This is the jumper you can wear for casual Friday at the office and out to Christmas lunch with the girls from school you only see once a year so you have to impress but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to impress. It’s cosy and uncontroversial, perfect for any occasion. This particular number is from H&M.


This is a wonderful novelty jumper; good for October/November/January time when you can’t be wearing your Christmas jumper but you need a bit of cheer in your life. I actually love this jumper so very much, I got it on Asos a few years back and it’s worn so well. Plus it has a fox with glasses on. Nobody can hate a fox in glasses.


THE CHRISTMAS JUMPER!!!! This one is a rather subtle new purchase from Penny’s…in the men’s section, they have better jumper options. I love this one because it’s very Christmas-y but you can wear it unironically to most social settings. I would like to say I also have a bright red jumper with a Christmas tree on it but I’m saving that one for the 25th.


This one may be a little dated now as shirt dresses become all the rage, but I still love my jumper dress. This is a great thing to throw on with some dark tights and boots when I’m not feeling getting dressed that day. It is the wintertime equivalent of a sun dress (of which I own many). This dress was also an Asos purchase and it is one of the most comfortable things I own.

An Oversized Scarf.


Okay but I’m just saying I’m pretty sure Louise Pentland also owns this scarf…therefore it is super cool. It is an absolutely giant thing, in this photo it is folded in half long ways, then in half sideways. I’m 5’4” and if I’m sitting I can use this scarf as a blanket. I love the colours in this scarf, I’m a big fan of yellow it’s just so cute. If you have a long commute in your life and do not already own one of these I would say put it on your Christmas wish list immediately! It’s a blanket you can carry around with you people! What more do you want???

A Snazzy Coat.


Before anyone says it, this coat does not have a hood. I’m a rebel I know. But this is a great coat. It’s surprisingly warm, waterproof and it makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of a film noire…or like a flasher it depends on your point of view. Obviously this is just my snazzy coat, I think a snazzy coat should be everyone’s winter wardrobe but “snazzy” can be interpreted in many ways. Honestly I think find a coat and stick with it which is why this is the most expensive thing on this list; I bought it in M&S last January and I’m pretty sure it was more than 100 euros. Worth it though, you should see how small it makes my waist look.

A Safe Handbag.

Not to bring a downer on the whole x-mas shopping thing but this is the time of year when people are carrying around a lot of money in big crowds and it’s also the time of year people get the most desperate. It’s just a fact I’m sorry. Which is why I advocate for a near uncrackable handbag;


This may look like an ordinary, cute handbag but the lock mechanism on it is fucked. I’ve had this bag for probably eight years now and somewhere along that ride the clasp on the front got a bit dinged up. It’ll open just fine as long as you’re holding it at just the right angle and apply just the right amount of pressure, but one false move and that thing is jammed. If you don’t happen to have a bag like this lying around I would suggest a cross body over a backpack and something with both zips and a lid thingy…what is that part of a bag called?

Dark lipsticks!

I did mention beauty at the beginning of this post didn’t I? I love dark lipsticks at this time of year, they’re just so festive. And if I’m really not bothered with makeup on any given day its very easy to just swipe on some lipstick and pretend like I give a heck.


This is a selection of my favourite wintertime lipsticks. From the left across we have a Ted Baker lipstick in “Holly Berries Are Metaphors For Christ’s Blood – Fun Fact”…oh yeah if you’ve not read my Ted Baker Lipsticks First Impressions you can do that here, I may have made up some names. Anyway next we have a Maybelline lipstick in “Dark Night Water L-Oops” (that name’s not mine.) Then Mac’s “Russian Red”, this one is super long wearing by the way and is definitely a good first purchase if you’re looking to get into high-end makeup. Another Ted Baker in “Lets Spike the Ribena”. And finally a lovely Soap and Glory red number in “Man Trap”. These are all some of my favourite lipsticks full stop – I don’t know if you can tell from the amount of wear on them and I 100% would recommend every single one.

So there we are; seven of my winter essentials. Do you like my stuff? Is there anything I should be adding to this list? Am I just giving us all excuses to go mad shopping in January? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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