Late Morning Tips and Tricks

This one could also be called “How To Not Freak The Fuck Out When You Realise You Woke Up An Hour Late” but rather like SPEW I decided that that name was just too long.

Now if you’re anything like me you’ll be up two hours ahead of when you need to get anywhere just in case. Yes I am one of those people who are always early. It’s a blessing and a curse. It does mean however that if I wake up and am behind schedule I freak out. But I’ve been working on that recently and I thought just in case any of you need some tips with this I’d write them down in a list. Yeah I’m one of those people too.

  1. More haste less speed. This is my mantra when I’m rushing and panicking. The faster you try to do stuff the more you’re gonna fuck up and then it’ll take you twice as long because you have to fix your fuck up. And I don’t know about you but my hands shake like leaves when I begin to panic so taking a step back, breathing, and repeating this once or twice is calming.
  2. Prioritize. The day you wake up with only 15 minutes to do your makeup is not the day for the winged liner friends. Unless you’re one of those magic beings who can do the perfect wing in under a second, in which case; GO BACK TO WHATEVER MARTIAN PLANET YOU BELONG ON YOU FREAK. *ahem* Sorry sometimes it’s hard to hold back the jealousy. Anyway. If you know you’re gonna be cranky without coffee do that first, if you know you need to slap some makeup on do that first, prioritize.
  3. Think about what you can do on the way to/ at your destination. For example; I was going to be on a bus for an hour and a half after I left so I could have eaten breakfast on the bus. If you bring something like fruit or a cereal bar you could also eat while walking. Or if you need to bring a beverage consider a spill-proof travel mug such as this one here. If you can do your makeup en route consider that – I generally wait to do lipstick on the bus so I can pick between shades. But do whatever suits.
  4.  Don’t set exact times. I usually do things in time slots; 30 minutes for breakfast, 2 minutes to brush my teeth, 5 minutes to watch this YouTube video, etc. (I swear I don’t have OCD) But I throw this out the window, defenestrate it if you will, when I’m running late. This kind of ties in with the first point where I’ll just freak out if I try get too much done at once. So instead I just take each thing as prioritized and do the thing until I run out of time.

So there we go, tips on how to not completely freak out if you’re running late. Do you guys have any extra tips for me? Leave them in the comments below if you do! Also, do you think the title of this is kinda clickbait-y? I do but it’s the best title I could come up with…

Hope you’re having a great day!!!

Emily Jayne xo

PS: I’m having some trouble getting my gravitar to work, have any of you got any idea how to work that thing??


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