Ted Baker Lipstick First Impression

Merry Christmas to me!…and you, also you.

Okay so here’s what happened; I was in Boots innocently looking for Christmas gifts when I noticed that they had a three for two offer on gift sets. As I was browsing I came across the most beautiful Ted Baker lipstick set in the whole world. It was 26.00 euros. I was buying two other gift sets. I bought the lipsticks. I have no regrets…



It has every shade you could possibly need in terms of everyday lipsticks, I won’t need to buy a lipstick again before these run out. It’s perfect. I should probably mention now that I quite like Ted Baker stuff in general but haven’t actually tried the lipsticks before because they can be quite expensive and I only work part time. But it’s Christmas gosh darn it!

Okay lets get into the lipstick porn that is this set. We take off the sleeve and underneath there is a beautiful deep red storage box;


Open that box and you are faced with six beautifully packaged lipsticks. The shade range, which you can see on the outside of the boxes, goes from a pinky nude up to a deep purple, but we’ll discuss that more later. Oh and I don’t know if I mentioned this but each lipstick is individually packaged. Fancy. As. Fuck.

Once unboxed the lipsticks all have the same outer packaging, meaning you have a wonderful excuse to keep all the packaging thus far so you can tell each one apart. The cases are a gorgeous white with rose gold embellishments. The rose gold is coming off as more gold than it is on camera. And when you open up the lipsticks each one is stamped with a little T.

Just look at these. Buy them for the Instagram pictures alone. I’m kidding but seriously they are beautiful.


Lets get into the individual shades, unfortunately I can’t find any names for these shades anywhere on the packaging so I’m going to make some up for the craic.


This is a pretty nude shade I have dubbed “Nudist Camping Resort”. It’s somewhere between a pink and a brown nude and is really nice on my alabaster skin. I’m usually a little afraid of nudes just because I get PTSD flashbacks to when it was cool to wear concealer on your lips and I don’t wanna look like that. Ever. But this is lovely, it’s just brown enough to be on the kool kardashian side of the shade, and just pink enough to not look like I forgot to wipe foundation off my lips. Unfortunately I think it falls into that nude trap of being really limited in terms of skin tone; if you’re anything other than pale white I’m not sure if this will work for you.


On camera this looks far darker than it is, this is a very pretty baby pink lipstick now called “Bunny’s Nose From That One Snapchat Filter”. Rather like the nude above, I usually stay away from light pinks as I grew up in the 90’s…as a tomboy. Frosted pink lipstick was my worst fear. But this shade luckily isn’t frosted instead it’s a lovely pink that is going to come in very handy in spring. On me it’s just on the light side of my-lips-but-better, but I can see it coming across as a tad Barbie on someone darker.


This one is called “Hot Mama In Ibiza” because it looks like something a new Mum who is still hot would wear on the girls holiday to Ibiza they all booked to re-live their glory days. In other words this is the most amazing hot pink colour and I LOVE it. It’s very very pink, and it’s a bit OTT, and I just think it’s going to be the perfect thing for sipping wine with my girlfriends in someone’s back garden over the summer. It’s also the first shade that I think is going to look awesome on multiple skin tones because it is that bit darker, and beginning to get into the red side of things.


Speaking of Red! Here we have “Zoella In Summer” This is a gorgeous orange-red, I have been searching for a good orange-red lipstick for years now. I mean years, I’m not even kidding. This is a shade of lipstick that I think absolutely every human on the planet can rock their socks off in. If you are a bold lipstick newbie, or know someone who is, this is the shade I would recommend no matter the skin tone. Just pair it with a good wing on the eyes and you have a bomb ass look every time. I am very excited for this shade because I just love this type of red so much.


Second to last we have “Holly Berries Are Metaphors For Christ’s Blood – Fun Fact” This is a deep berry red perfect for Christmas time. Its the type of red you wear to match that fabulous sparkly dress you bought while sipping mulled wine. I like wine, don’t know if that’s come across in this post…anyway if “Zoella In Summer” is a summertime red, then this is it’s wintertime cousin. It is a shade that anyone could rock around the Christmas tree in and it’s the type of colour I always pull out this time of year. Along with other berry tones…


…great segwey claps for me. This is a fabulous purple berry tone I like to call “Lets Spike The Ribena” I actually have a lipstick already that’s very similar to this from Rimmel’s moisture renew collection called “Dark Night Waterl-Oops”, and I swear I didn’t make that one up. I love this kind of colour in winter just because it’s not a colour I would wear in summer and I love seasonal stuff. Purple can be a bit scary if you’re not used to bold lipsticks but actually this is really subtle with a brown undertone so on the lips its not quite so PURPLE if you know what I mean.


These lipsticks are all semi-matte cream lipsticks. So they glide on feeling like butter and are super moisturising. Because of this they are not a stay all day kind of lipstick. They’re more of a one meal and they’re gone, transfer all over your mug, dear lord do not touch the packaging after cleaning up your lip line with your fingers kind of lipsticks. (For the record it wipes off the packaging because it’s metal) So it depends what you’re looking for on that point, I usually go for long wear but I don’t have any qualms with whipping one of these beauties out at the coffee table. And another pro they smell just like the Mac lipsticks, like vanilla. Yum.

All in all I really like all of these lipsticks and if you know someone who’s been complaining about not having enough lipsticks, or saying they’d like to try a range of lipsticks, or someone who loves Ted Baker, or you just want them *ahem*, this is an awesome set. And at 26.00 euros it could be a lot worse price wise, and with Boots doing the three for two deal at the moment it could be worse right? Please validate my random splurge shopping.

I have two questions for you lot today; Do you think I should become a professional lipstick namer? And if you could rename these lipsticks what would you call them? Let me know below!

Until Next Time,
Emily Jayne xo


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