Fake A Bob Using A Hat

Something light and fluffy for you today dear readers!

So in general I’m not a hat person, I have literally one of the smallest heads on the planet so I have a really tough time finding hats that fit. However I do enjoy a good knitting session and recently knit the perfect sized hat for my pea sized noggin. So this tutorial has stemmed from that situation!

Here’s a side by side comparison of my long hair and the end result of the fake bob. As we can see my hair is pretty much waist length so its quite a fun transformation

And the way I do this is actually pretty easy. All you will need is a hair bobbin and a cute hat.



Firstly take your hair and tie it back into a loose low ponytail.



Then pull the hair nearest the face out slightly until you have a bob length and shape you’re happy with.



Gently pull the remaining ponytail up onto your head.



Using one hand to keep the ponytail in place pull the hat onto your head with the other. Adjust the hat so it is comfortable on your head.



Finally adjust the hair around your face to frame the face and ensure that the ponytail is lying pretty flat on the head.



And it’s as simple as that! If you want you can use a scarf or polo neck jumper to hide the back of the hat where the hair is clearly tucked in but I don’t think it’s super necessary.

This is such a fun way to style hair during the winter months, but also it can be used with a beanie to style greasy hair all year round!

If you have any other ideas or tips on faux bobs let me know in the comments below and also if you’d like to see a knitting pattern/tutorial for this hat let me know too!

Until next time dear readers,

Emily Jayne x


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